Why read Ingredients?

Ingredients labels are more important than you think!

Many times we are buying organic or a product that someone recommends to us, which is great… however, when you look at the ingredients, it may not always be exactly what it’s advertised to be.   We are going a take a look at several items and show you how the ingredients list breaks down and what that means to you.

The first ingredient on the list will always be the ingredient most prevalent in the package. Companies are obligated by law to order the ingredients in a way that represents the actual product correctly.  Products must list every ingredient and to what degree it appears in the item.  The first ingredient that you see on the list will always be what exists most in the product.

When it comes to Hemp CBD products, it’s important to know exactly what you are consuming.  In the case of such products, “pure” isn’t always better.

You absolutely want an organic product, as hemp is used to clean the farmland because it’s so good at absorbing external toxins.  A superior hemp CBD product will be water soluble, with water as the first ingredient on the list.  When you are using a supplement such as full spectrum hemp CBD, you don’t want the first ingredient on the list to be an oil.  The body is mainly water inside and an oil based product will only be absorbed at 6%, best case scenario.

At the end of the day, it’s not the number of ingredients that’s important, rather the quality of ingredients.  Always choose USDA certified organic ingredients whenever available and be sure to understand the function of each ingredient.  A natural preservative or sweetener towards the end of the list is actually a good thing!

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