What you may not realize about Network Marketing

I know what you are thinking… Ugh, network marketing!  AKA, those stupid pyramid schemes that bombard my social media feed with wraps, makeup, shakes, jewelry etc.  Yeah,  it’s a form of marketing…  just like those creepy facebook ads that somehow appear hours after you were talking about that topic!

Here’s the deal… most of the people you see posting about their business on social media are simply sharing because they are passionate about a brand and genuinely want to help others.  Yes, there are a few bad eggs.  Overall, it’s a group of like-minded, dedicated individuals who don’t believe that the corporate structure is the ONLY way.  It’s a tight knit family all working towards a common goal.  I’ve worked in corporate america and as an independent businesswoman.  I’ve never seen that level of camaraderie or trust in the corporate environment.

Here are a few things to consider before passing judgement:

  1. I dare you to take a look at your local elementary school.  How many of those kids don’t have their parents around because they are working a 9 to 5 and commuting back and forth to work every day?  These kids are with the teachers and before/after care workers up to 12 hours EVERY day.

Now, how can we blame those parents for a child’s emotional and/or behavioral health when they are hardly even in the picture?  Parents who choose Network Marketing are physically present for their children.  Their kids see the value of social skills, hard work and perseverance as they watch their parents work the business.

2. Because network marketers have experienced success, they feel personally obligated to share that opportunity with everyone they meet.  They understand that the status quo just isn’t good enough! From an outsiders perspective, it may appear that they are just out to make a buck.  That’s the beauty of the industry… Network marketers get to change people’s finances, stress levels and life experiences in ways that traditional businesses could only dream of.

3. These companies are regulated by the Direct Selling Association (DSA).  The DSA works closely with federal agencies to ensure that business is run in an ethical way.  Many corporations outside of direct sales have no regulatory association.  How many times have you heard of “regular” companies underpaying or mistreating employees and facing lawsuits?  It happens ALL of the time.  People who know their own worth see the value in working for themselves without the massive investment for starting a traditional business.

4. If the production company offered to pay you a commission for every person that watched a movie based on your recommendation, would you turn down the money?  It’s the same concept.  You will not find a network marketer who isn’t 100% confident in their products. Even if they didn’t get a commission, they would likely still recommend the products.

Like I said earlier, there are always a few bad eggs.  Here’s what to look for:

Ask lots of questions.  A great network marketer will be well educated in their company and products.  You will always know how good someone is based on the quality of the answers.  Do you own research based on their answers if it doesn’t seem legit.

Trust the professionals.  For example, in a health and wellness company, how many doctors and nurses promote the products?  In a beauty company, how many estheticians use them?  A solid product and company will be backed by professionals who use the products in their own business practices.

At the end of the day, network marketing is a viable option for almost anyone who has the drive to work it.  Whether you love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere.  Next time you roll your eyes at people working their business at every glance, think about how much that person is giving to society.  Their increased earnings stimulate the economy, their children are taught to be hard workers first hand, and their example teaches traditional corporations that work/life balance does exist.

Support small businesses working hard to make a difference in this world!

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