Before you join a CBD company- Read This!

Have you been considering jumping in on the CBD boom?

Find out what doctors and medical professionals are saying about what to look for.

Cannabinoid supplements have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, Forbes projects the industry to increase by 700% by next year.  Seems like the perfect time to get involved, right?

Before you jump in head first, it’s important to understand the legality and complexities of the hemp industry.  With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the floodgates have been opened to new companies.  It’s an entirely open market at this point because the Farm Bill permanently removed hemp and CBD from the DEA’s Controlled Substance list.

So, it’s 100% legal, right?  One would assume so.  However, some states are choosing to make their own rules in regards to CBD products. Because of these complexities, it’s important to align with a company that is well versed on the topic and educates it’s sales field accordingly. Companies that focus primarily on CBD products will be much more educated in this area, as their focus is not split between products.  When it comes to hemp derived products, it is beneficial to be with a company with a legal counsel specializing in hemp.

In addition to a solid legal support, the company should also be an expert in the formulations and science behind the products. Many companies are quick to launch a product to get in on the game early.  The downside for such companies is that it takes time to correctly formulate and test a product.

Science is complex and getting a formula to work optimally can take years. Look for a company that has been in the hemp industry for 3 years or more.  This ensures that the formula has had enough time to be tested and improved for efficacy. Those who have perfected the process have a standardized CO2 extraction process in order to preserve the nutritional benefits of the plant.  In addition to the extraction process, educated clients typically look for a full spectrum product.  Full spectrum includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavenoids that naturally occur in the plant. Simply isolating out the CBD cannabinoid decreases the effectiveness, as does isolating out one B vitamin.

Arguably the most important factor should be the bio availability of the products.  3rd grade science teaches us that oil and water don’t mix. Hemp oil extract is obviously an oil, and the body’s intestines are primarily water.  The vast majority of CBD products are oil based and provide around 3-8% absorption.

These are usually a very oily feeling product with a not so good taste due to the MCT, hemp or other carrier oil. In contrast, medical professionals have discovered a liposome technology that allows the full spectrum hemp extract to be inserted into the molecule of water, whereby providing an impressive increase in absorption.  Some brands boast up to 95% absorption. If you want repeat clients, a higher absorption rate will likely result in better results and long term customers.  The added benefit to a water soluble formula is that it does not have an unpalatable taste like the oil based formulas.

The hemp itself is also extremely important. Most don’t realize that hemp is one of the most incredible plants when it comes to absorbing nutrients from the land.  The downside to that is that it is also very good at absorbing toxins from the ground.  So much so, that farmers use hemp to clear otherwise unusable land to be able to rotate crops again.  Even a certified organic plant doesn’t cut it when it comes to hemp.  Because it’s a magnet for both the good and the bad elements in the soil, it’s important to chose a company that uses a USDA certified organic farm as well as and organically grown plant. (no herbicides or pesticides etc.)Beginning in 2019 the U.S. Hemp Authority will be approving CBD products.  This seal will prove that the company uses proper standards from the beginning to end.

Lastly, but certainly not least.  Be leery of companies that make medical claims and encourage the sales field to do the same. Hemp derived CBD products are botanical supplements and should be marketed as such.  The FDA has very firmly stated

“Selling unapproved products with unsubstantiated therapeutic claims is not only a violation of the law, but also can put patients at risk, as these products have not been proven to be safe or effective. This deceptive marketing of unproven treatments raises significant public health concerns, as it may keep some patients from accessing appropriate, recognized therapies to treat serious and even fatal diseases.”
We will almost definitely see the FDA cracking down on CBD companies who claim to relieve, treat or cure any medical condition. The last thing you want is to be a part of a company, build a solid team only to have the company shut down for legal issues.  Researching a company website should give you a good feel for the goal of the company.  The website should be informative and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch produced.  When clients have their health in their hands, they deserve to see answers to their questions from the company, not just the distributor.

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