How to Use Ridesharing to Grow Your Business

Growing a business is all about exposure.

The more you introduce your community to your business, the more success you will have.  How many times have you thought “I just wish I had a captive audience to tell about my business”?  The problem with relying solely on digital marketing is that it’s a bit more difficult to establish a relationship.  It’s not impossible, but it can be time consuming.

What if you could have a captive audience in your car and earn additional income at the same time?  Win-win situation, right? Driving for a rideshare company is a fantastic way to meet potential clients and business partners if you know how to do it right.

Here are some key points to consider in order to make your rideshare experience beneficial to your business.

1. Invest rideshare earnings back into your business

2. Post “convenience products” for sale including snacks, water, gum, phone chargers, and of course your own products if you have them.

3. Ask your rider open ended questions to discover a need, whether it be product or opportunity related.

4.  Don’t forget to hand out your business card!

Reinvest your earnings- One of the hardest parts of launching a business is having the capital to get it up and running.  The additional income earned from driving can be reinvested right back into your business for inventory or other business expenses. Using these earnings as investment is also beneficial come tax season.

Post products for sale- Have a list of convenience items available for riders.  This shows a personal touch that many drivers may not offer. It also gives you the added benefit of showcasing your own products for sale.  Also include your website for those who may not want to purchase that instant.  Be sure to also have a paypal or venmo link posted for payments.  Share with your passengers that for safety reasons, you do not handle cash in the vehicle.  This reduces your chance of theft when it’s clear that you don’t carry cash.

Ask open ended questions- Start a conversation right away to develop a relationship with the rider.  An excellent option is “So, what do you do for a living?” This opens up the conversation and almost always ensures that the rider with ask if you have another job. 

Once you have the opportunity to share about your business, you’ll have a captive audience!  Have a short elevator pitch ready so that you can get it all out in case of short trips.  Your elevator pitch should include why you do what you do, how you do what you do and what you hope to accomplish with your business. If you build a team in your business, mention also that you are always looking for friendly faces to join your team.  Which leads us to the final point…

Always hand out a business card- You never know who may jump on your website after the ride to research your business more.  The more cards you hand out, the greater possibilities you will have in the future.

The other great thing about rideshare to introduce people to your business is that you can tweak it to your needs.  For example, I teach others how to shift from big pharma to nutraceuticals, so there are certain areas of town where I know that I will find riders in that niche.  In many cities, riders use rideshare services as a short term fix while they get a new vehicle.  Again… awesome opportunity to talk to them about any earning opportunities your business may offer!

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