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We have studied many products over the years and only recommend the best of the best!

Made from organic hemp, UltraCell® is a blend of full spectrum hemp oil and other essential nutrients. UltraCell® contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. UltraCell® is processed with our proprietary technology to maximize bioavailability to 94%.

Made from organic hemp, aloe and proprietary essential oils provide a smooth and luxurious feel. Processed with our proprietary UltraCell® technology to maximize bioavailability to 94%.

UltraEdge is full spectrum cognition support using a proprietary blend of mental enhancers like citicholine and huprazine along with our exclusive Mimetix™ formula. Using UltraCell™, Edge is water-soluble for maximum bioavailability, mental energy, alertness, & cognitive performance. Replaces coffee, sodas & energy drinks. Hemp free.

UltraDream is a blend of natural sleep aids like GABA and melatonin and our proprietary Mimetix™ formula of ingredients. Using UltraCell™ technology, UltraDream is water-soluble for maximum bioavilability and helps support gentle and restful sleep. Hemp free.

UltraIce is a homeostasis support comparable to UltraCell™. With a mix of curcumin and other well-known anti-inflammatory ingredients and our proprietary Mimetix™ formula, UltraIce supports effective and balanced body systems. Using UltraCell™ technology, UltraIce is water-soluble to maximize bioavailability. Hemp free.

UltraBurn is a hemp free formula infused with our Mimetix blend.  It assists the body in converting sugar to energy instead of stored fat, naturally decreases stress eating and portion sizes while increasing the body’s metabolism. This proprietary blend helps support healthy body weight.

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Every purchase made helps support starving children in Haiti and provides prenatal vitamins for pregnant women here in the United States.

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